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Adding Author Info to Your Page

You can specify the name of the author of your Web page. When
specifying the name of the author, you may also want to include
the names of any people who helped create the Web page. Only
visitors who view the HTML code for your Web page will see the
author information you specify.

1.   Click anywhere on the Web page for which you want to
     specify author information.

2.   Click File.

3.   Click Properties.

     The Page Properties dialog box appears.

4.   Click the Custom tab.

5.   Click Add to specify the author information for the Web

     The User Meta Variable dialog box appears.

6.   Type the word author in the Name space.

7.   Type the name of the Web page author in the Value

     To specify more than one name, separate each name with a

8.   Click OK to confirm the information you entered.


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