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  • From: miriam <miriam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 16:53:36 -0400

Michael and other webproducers,

I attended the lecture, and was one of the first to leave. Learning 
from the NYT that 1/3 of us did not make it through to the end didn't 
surprise me. And Michael I'm glad you are soliciting comments from 
the list. I was tempted to write to you without prompting, but felt 
that as someone who departed fairly early on and therefore might have 
missed "the good bits" that it was probably inappropriate for me to 
write. Especially since I wasn't going to say anything especially 
positive! However, the NYT article, in its minimalism, has prompted 
me to write. I figure they didn't have too much good to say either so 
I might as well put in my 2 cents.

So, what I basically think is this. It would be great to hang out 
with friends and acquaintances, those in the media biz and not, and 
brainstorm about where media is going. It would probably be 
interesting to do this with Jeff and a bunch of people you just met 
in a class. Is it worth the hefty fee that the New School is 
charging? Is Jeff offering insights or is he just hoovering them up 
from the rest of the class? I don't mean to be cynical here, because 
after all I went to the lecture and really wanted to hear what Jeff 
was going to say. However, all I heard was an extended pitch for the 
class and I did not sense that Jeff had anything truly new to say (as 
I mentioned, I did leave early and may have missed something 
significant.) Of course it's possible he was holding back as part of 
his enticement strategy (which seems to have failed if 1/3 of the 
audience left), and he did say that he didn't have all the answers, 
but still, he has to offer something. I think that next time the 
school should let Sophie stay.


Miriam Songster --- www.songster.net
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