[webproducers] Re: Linked-In -- anyone actually using it?

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  • Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2007 15:35:47 -0400

 Hi, David, and in some cases, the answer to your question is 'yes.' 

There are a whole group of linkedin 'sluts' - there was an article that
covered it maybe a year or so ago. People who try to have more connections
than anyone else, no doubt out of a need for some twisted ego gratification.
Who can say?

I was an early linkedin user, and still do use it quite a bit. Not only for
research, and yes, I'm a recruiter, but also to track down people I've lost
touch with over the years. It's also a very handy online contacts organizer,
I've found. 

But I only add people I know or who found me through people I know. Not big
on helping the sluts get their numbers up. 


Bonnie Halper
sendresume.com, inc.
212 362 1780

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There's the stink of newtorking spam here. It would be nice if I could see
how people I don't know found me -- a progression of networks or by
Linked-In's search? If it were someone in my extended network, I'd be up for
adding them to my "connections." If not, I'd think it over more. Are people
just trying to get added to as many networks as possible to enhance their


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