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This is not half as bad as the responses I got at my family reunion or even 
when my own mother talks of disowment

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> That's one heck of a dreadful irony: The Fox producer making the case
> that "full disclosure" is "what life is about". I can't sit idly by for 
> it.
> I tried to appreciate your position, and understand that you're just
> trying to make a living but that was a poor choice of words for someone
> working with such a misrepresenting, partially-disclosing "news"
> "source".  Fox's behavior is very serious business that will resonate
> for generations and have profound consequences for our children and
> grandchildren. Really.
> I apologize to all for my rage and digression.
> -=-Glenn Cherrits
> Robert Brown wrote:
>> My name is Robert Brown an I'm Video Producer at the FOX News Channel(OK 
>> I understand that some folks will hate after reading the first line, but 
>> I figured full disclosure is what life is about).  I got information from 
>> this list from another list of NYU/ITP alums and decided that this would 
>> be a good place for me to get feedback which can help further my career.
>> --


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