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Hello Rai,

ICH4 and ICH5 are almost identical from a programming perspective. One difference is that ICH5-era systems often use the SDIO#2 connection rather than SDIO#0 for connecting the data coming from the codec to the controller. This may require a slight change in code to accomodate this, since the driver must look at SDIO#2 rather than SDIO#0 to see when the codec is ready.

The non-standard wiring issue that Hakon mentions can sometimes be resolved by writing the master volume message to all three primary outputs. This would mean that you need to write the same value to registers 0x02, 0x04, and 0x06.

David Roach
Optimal Sound

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Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2006 17:07:29 -0800
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Subject: [wdmaudiodev] Re: ac97+ICH5 can not playback sound.

Hi Hakon, Thanks for the information.

My purpose is to have demo of our previous product, the product works on Intel845GE chipset (ICH4)
But that motherboard is out of date, even can not be found it in Fry's :)

So I have to use another motherboard which uses Intel 865G chipset (ICH5)
It's a quite normal DELL desktop PC.
Actually the motherboard has a driver provided by ADI (soundMax).
So I don't know where they shareing jacks or not.

But every time I query codecs ready or not, the GLOB_STA register always return 0x10700000,
that meas it has tertiary codec, no primary codec..
quite strange..

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