[wdmaudiodev] virtual audio device / ESX server

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  • Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2009 10:23:43 -0200

Hi, my name is jairo, from brazil. This is my firs post.
First, i need to talk abou my problem.

I have one VOIP application running on windows 2003 server - data center
edition on Desktop machine using vmware.

These application use one OCX ( i dont have the source ).

Well, these application need to run on a same windows version but under
a ESX server.
ESX server do not have audio, support, i know that.

I try some solutions like "Virtual Audio Cable" and others without
success Not show in waveOutGetDevCaps/waveInGetDevCaps.

One application called "Sound Over RDP" appears in list,
(Microsoft RDP Audio Driver / FabulaTech RDP Audio IN) 
but does not have volume control and does not works too.

So, i need to create one "virtual audio device". I bealive will works.

One idea is use these source..  http://www.clingman.org/winesd/ Can
help... but not listed on GetDevCaps too. 

If these application can listed on "In" and "OuGetDevCaps" (with volume
control) under ESX server, my problem is solved.

Somebody can help-me?


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