[wdmaudiodev] Re: question on DMUS UART

  • From: "Philip Lukidis" <pagefault0x0@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2003 17:42:36 -0500

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> Yes, this could be the case.
> If a defect is found in the sample or miniport (especially if you have a
> fix in hand!), please let RichFr and HakonS know, and we can get the DDK
> updated.    You should also include whether you experience this problem
> on HyperThreaded uniproc systems.
> Also, Philip could you send HakonS and RichFr a kernel-mode dump file of
> this crash?  That way we can correlate this problem to crash counts in
> OCA, to lend credence when we lobby to include a fix in XPSP2 (or
> whenever).

Hi Martin, thanks for answering so quickly.  I am not using the sample code
provided in the .net DDK, or any other DDK.  If time permits I may try
adapting the sample code for my use as a test, but time is tight now.

I would be happy to send a kernel-mode dump (or a full dump as need be).   I
will contact HakonS and RichFr from my work email, so I can know to which
server to upload the dump.  Also a note of interest, I have worked on
another PCI sound card in the past, and I used IMiniportMidi instead of
IMiniportDMus.  I would have to test overnight to be sure, but IIRC previous
tests on an SMP machine revealed no issues with MIDI capture.  Thanks,

Philip Lukidis

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