[wdmaudiodev] problem with MCStream.exe

  • From: "Tim Morris" <montagne75@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: wdmaudiodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 23:27:27 +0000

Hi folks,
I am having trouble with the MCStream app that comes with the DDK.
If I stream 500Hz sine waves on 7 channels (Front left/right, center, lfe, 
rear left/right/center)in 8 bits at 22050Hz , the data that I get from 
portclass in the Source buffer for CopyTo() seems to be correct. I get 
blocks of 7 identical samples. However, if I choose a 500Hz sine for the 
front left only and 10KHz sines for all other channels, again at 8bits and 
22050Hz, I get the following data in my first Source buffer supplied to 
c0 c0 c0 c0 c0 c0 c0 bd b5 b5 b5 b5 b5 b5 b5 99
99 99 99 99 99 aa 74 74 74 74 74 74 9a 53 53 53
53 53 53 89 41 41 41 41 41 41 77 44 44 44 44 44
44 65 .....
I see two possible problems with this:

1.Seeing as the left channel is at 500Hz and all the others are at 10KHz, I 
should see the left sample followed by 6 identical samples for each chunk. 
It looks to me that either the first or second chunk has one sample too 
many.(either chunk1 =  c0 c0 c0 c0 c0 c0 c0 bd, or
chunk2 = bd b5 b5 b5 b5 b5 b5 b5)
2.If the first chunk is the one with too many samples, then we also have the 
problem that the differing sample is at the end of the chunck rather than at 
the beginning, which means that the rear center is the channel that differs 
from the others which should not be the case.
Either way this extra sample seems to be making quite a mess. So, am I 
crazy, or is the app broken? It would be really useful if this app worked 
Thanx for any input.

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