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  • Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2012 09:35:38 -0700

Vinayak Srivastava wrote:
> 1. How to reroute the audio from virtual audio driver to a physical
> audio device? Is there any registration or something required to be
> done here for that specific audio device?

By far the easiest way is to use an application.  Have your virtual
audio device ship the data to an application, which then forwards it to
another audio device.

But, in that case, what's the point?

> 2. If I succeed in rerouting the audio, I still need to register my
> custom sAPO for system effects. Is there any workaround to register
> sAPO to Wave-Cyclic Driver which does not have any FxProperties?

I think you'll find that, if you add the lines to that INF file to
register your APO, an FxProperties page will appear.

> Also, as suggested by some replies in this thread,  Microsoft AEVAD
> cannot be used to create a virtual driver.

I think you misunderstood.  The "V" in AEVAD stands for "virtual".  It
IS a virtual driver.  In the past, I've advised people that it was
impossible to create a virtual WaveRT driver, but AEVAD stands as
evidence to the contrary.

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