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Thanks. I have few questions :
1. How to reroute the audio from virtual audio driver to a physical audio 
device? Is there any registration or something required to be done here for 
that specific audio device?
2. If I succeed in rerouting the audio, I still need to register my custom 
sAPO for system effects. Is there any workaround to register sAPO to 
Wave-Cyclic Driver which does not have any FxProperties? Also, as suggested by 
some replies in this thread,  Microsoft AEVAD cannot be used to create a 
virtual driver.

Again, any pointer to an alternate/better approach will also be helpful.

Thanks and Regards,
Vinayak S

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You cannot hear anything because the VAD is not linked to any hardware audio 
device. You need to reroute the audio from the VAD to a physical audio device.
I am not sure about this, but I think that we cannot add FxProperties to this 
MSVAD because it is a WaveCyclic Driver. Perhaps It would be possible with the 
new sample from Microsoft AEVAD (
http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/windowshardware/audio-engine-virtual-audio-174876a3 ;),
 which is a WaveRT Driver.


On Mon, Oct 8, 2012 at 2:30 PM, Vinayak Srivastava <vinayak.s101@xxxxxxxxx> 

>I need to develop a virtual audio driver in windows (vista and above) which 
>should provide me with FxProperties page under the registry entries for 
>this virtual driver.
>I tried with MSVAD (Microsoft Virtual Audio driver as 
>mentioned http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/windowshardware/virtual-audio-device-3d4e6150#content)
> but I'm facing two issues with this:
>1. Even though I set it as default audio driver in sounds but I cannot hear 
>any output sound. I can see the sound waves being displayed in the playback 
>tab of the Sounds dialog, but no actual output is observed.
>2. It does not have any FxProperties Key in the registry as opposed to other 
>regular sound drivers. It contains only the Properties key in the registry. 
>I actually need to register my custom sAPO sample to a virtual audio driver.
>Please infrom me if I'm missing something here. Any pointer to an alternate 
>approach will also be helpful.
>Vinayak S

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