[wdmaudiodev] Re: for MS: calling ShowAudioPropertySheet in MMSYS.CPL

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  • Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 15:03:44 -0400

As a complement, here's a very simple way to reproduce the bug:

1.      On the desktop, create a folder called "Audio Properties" and open
it so there is a window called "Audio Properties"
2.      Run the following command "rundll32





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Here is a bug report directed at Microsoft.  I've searched msdn for a place
to report bugs but I haven't found any.  So please direct me to the right
place if there is one.


Here it goes.  In an application, I'm using the RunDLL32 entry point
ShowAudioPropertySheet exported by MMSYS.CPL.  It has been recommended to us
by MSDN developer tech support for displaying the audio control panel.


This function behaves correctly and displays the control panel in most
circumstances.  However, if there is a window on the system that has the
name "Audio Properties", regardless of its nature, the function will
activate that window instead of displaying the control panel.  The window
can be a dialog box from an application, an opened folder with the name
"Audio Properties" or any other window with the same name.  It looks like
the function thinks the control panel is opened when it finds a window with
that name and it does not perform any additional checking.


The problem does not seem to apply to other RunDLL32 entry points of the
same DLL.




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