[wdmaudiodev] Re: connect menu won't show up in windows8 RP

  • From: Danny <dangxhfromuestc@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: wdmaudiodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2013 10:54:33 +0800

2013/1/8 Matthew van Eerde <Matthew.van.Eerde@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>  I would suggest putting a breakpoint in your basic support handler to
> see when it gets called.****
> ** **
> Thanks, Matthew.
The basic support handler for JACK, JACK2, _ONESHOT_DISCONNECT and
_ONESHOT_RECONNECT didn't get called during device init or start the
playback panel and right click.
Is it a bug of my driver?

But if I open KsStudio and ATTACH, then start the playback and right click,
basic support handler will be called for BtAudio's reconnect property with
the following stack.

0: kd> k
ChildEBP RetAddr
a7497ae4 a973f708 MyDriver!PropertyHandler_BasicSupport
[...\source\kshelper.cpp @ 107]
a7497b08 a973fa86
[...\source\mintopo.cpp @ 527]
a7497b24 8e523bf9 MyDriver!PropertyHandler_TopoFilter+0x116
[...\source\mintopo.cpp @ 644]
a7497b3c 8e523aaf portcls!PcDispatchProperty+0x127
a7497b5c 8e422d87 portcls!PropertyItemPropertyHandler+0x2c
a7497bb4 8e42ab8a ks!KspPropertyHandler+0x469
a7497bd8 8e5236ff ks!KsPropertyHandler+0x1b
a7497bf4 8e5234f5 portcls!PcHandlePropertyWithTable+0x34
a7497c38 8e422384 portcls!DispatchDeviceIoControl+0xb9
a7497c8c 8e52293c ks!KsDispatchIrp+0x51
a7497cb0 8e5225af portcls!KsoDispatchIrp+0x38
a7497cbc a9739e04 portcls!PcDispatchIrp+0x28
a7497d3c 81643ba8 MyDriver!HspIoctl+0x64 [...\source\adapter.cpp @ 526]
a7497d58 a974c115 nt!IofCallDriver+0x3f
a7497dd0 a974b5e2 KSMON!KSMonHookRoutine+0x38b
a7497de0 81643ba8 KSMON!KSMonDispatch+0x20
a7497dfc 8188bf4c nt!IofCallDriver+0x3f
a7497e50 8188b9c1 nt!IopSynchronousServiceTail+0x121
a7497ef0 8188b5f9 nt!IopXxxControlFile+0x3ac
a7497f24 8175d33c nt!NtDeviceIoControlFile+0x2a
a7497f24 77776954 nt!KiFastCallEntry+0x12c
00a0d8b8 777759ea ntdll!KiFastSystemCallRet
00a0d8bc 74e6e9c8 ntdll!NtDeviceIoControlFile+0xa
WARNING: Frame IP not in any known module. Following frames may be wrong.
00a0d91c 756118dd 0x74e6e9c8
00a0d948 732cfae9 0x756118dd
00a0da70 77763985 0x732cfae9
00a0da88 00a0dab0 ntdll!RtlFreeHeap+0x1ce
00a0da98 000201f4 0xa0dab0
00a0db28 00000000 0x201f4

If it is about the basic support advertisement, how do I advertise it
properly ?
The source code is from
minor change.


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