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  • Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2009 01:44:33 +0200

Hi Frank,

Then I would like to remind the convenience of providing either a user mode
audio stream hook that intercepts soundcard i/o, or the possibility of user
mode virtual audio drivers or filters.

This will allow more convenient system wide custom processing, like speaker
correction, etc.


Jose Catena



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>Was just curious if there was a general mechanism that allowed virtual
audio devices to be implemented in userland rather than as kernel devices.
Sounds like you're saying "no".


That's correct, although on this mailing list there seems to be a bit of a
groundswell of desire for such a feature. For those of you watching, now is
the time to start lobbying your Microsoft contacts with clear specific
feedback on problematic scenarios and feature requests. Hopefully some have
noticed that we recently finished one OS so it's time to influence the next.
This mailing list did influence Windows 7!


Frank Yerrace

Microsoft Corporation

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