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I have one audio control interface which defines 5 input terminals. The input 
terminals are connected to one usb streaming output terminal through mixer unit.
Then usb streaming output terminal is mapped to one audio streaming interface 
which defines one isochronous IN endpoint.


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Bartosik Lukasz-ALB045 wrote:


We are developing USB audio device which will use generic usbaudio.sys driver 
provided by Windows 7.

The device's USB descriptors define 5 input mono terminals (2 headsets, 1 
microphone, 2 lines in) which use one isochronous IN USB endpoint to transport 
audio data from the device to Windows OS.

Your description is a little bit vague.  Do you mean you have one audio control 
interface, one audio streaming interface, and one isochronous endpoint, but 
your AC interface described 5 input terminals?  Do you also have 5 output 
terminals, or is there just one, mapping to the one AS interface?


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