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Position (8804) is less than the amount of data streamed (0)

I would put in very tight logging.I am sure you will find that the DMA
pointer is not matching with the Position counter you are returning. This
can especially be true if you are not generating the Position directly from
the DMA counter.




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I've been developing a driver based on the WaveCyclic model and am using the
Windows Logo Kit Test to assist in testing; however I am getting some test
failures which I cannot explain or understand. I've searched the web but
there seems to be a lack of any documentation in this area.


The failures come from the wave test, I have a few questions


Standard Streaming\Rendering Pin Tests\Streaming buffer from different

-          This test is failing with the error "FAIL: Position (8804) is
less than the amount of data streamed (0)".

-          Can someone explain what this test is designed to do and how it
works? It appears to set the render pin to run state and later call
getposition, it then seems surprised that it has changed? Am I missing
something here?


"Standard Streaming\Rendering Pin Tests\Streaming small buffer"

"Standard Streaming\Calling get position from the different thread"

-          These tests seem to fail, however there is no obvious ERROR or
FAIL messages anywhere in the debug log (from the wtl file). 

-          The Streaming small buffer test passes every time when run using


Can someone help me make sense of all this?




Andrew Murray

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