[wdmaudiodev] Re: Windows 10 suppor for Stream Class drivers

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  • Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2015 09:49:49 +0200

I must add we have strange problem with different USB Audio devices.

Some are working with KS but not with WASAPI and the opposite…


Vincent Burel

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I don’t think there is change in audio interface on WIN10, our primary test
with MME, KS or WASAPI are basically ok….

And it’s even possible that the famous bug on WASAPI input in exclusive mode
could be fixed… we are still checking.

But other bug could have been created (we already got different strange
bugs… e.g. an USB output point stopped working several time in our long
duration test – 96h – obliging us to re-plug the USB device – restarting
computer did not fix it – we are investigating this problem).

The fact is this WIN 10 update can rename audio point with generic name (and
also change default device, and possibly the enumeration order) can disturb
all audio configurations for all programs and user can get the feeling that
nothing work anymore… but re-checking the entire audio configuration seems
to fix the problem in most cases.

The WIN10 audio point renaming can disturb especially the KS interface
because the higher risk to have redundant name for audio point, then
selecting KS device can become a problem for some applications…

Also, it’s possible to have a difference of behavior between a WIN10 update
(where all driver are already installed) and a fresh WIN10 installation …
will see…

But it’s sure that Microsoft forgot to make a validation process there…


Vincent Burel

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Objet : [wdmaudiodev] Windows 10 suppor for Stream Class drivers

Can anyone tell me whether or not Windows 10 will support stream class
drivers? I have a number of audio interfaces whose driver is a stream class
minidriver which has worked fine through Windows 8.1.

With Windows 10 these devices all have numerous WDM issues (ASIO is fine).
Direct Sound and MME doesn’t seem to work at all, while for the most part KS
audio functions. Trying to play system sounds doesn’t work at all, or in
the case of one device only seems to work at 16 bits.

Newer device with AVStream drivers seem to operate fine. Is there any word
on what the expectation might be for stream class, or whether support for it
has been dropped?


Mike Horgan


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