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We have two WinHEC 2007 audio related sessions planned; one for system and 
device logo testing of audio devices and system audio implementations and 
another describing the main changes relevant to audio driver development on 
Vista. Also we plan to have a Chalk Talk (sort of a more intimate face to face 
Q&A session) where attendees can talk with our experts.

Since WinHEC is in LA and in May and our Microsoft Audio Summit is planned for 
June (no promises made about dates) we are focusing more of our resources on 
what we can provide at the Audio Summit since we know we will reach a lot more 
of the target audience at an audio specific Windows event.


Hakon Strande
Program Manager - Windows Sound Team PM
Microsoft Corporation
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Does anyone know if there is there going to be an audio track at this year's 
WinHEC?  There was very little audio covered at WinHEC 2006, and I was hoping 
this year's WinHEC offered more audio content.  Looking at the WinHEC 2007 
site, I don't see the audio threads I was hoping for.  The only audio mentioned 
is in the larger context of AV, and not specifically about APOs.



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