[wdmaudiodev] Re: Why would you want USB Audio 2.0 in Windows?

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Hi Frank,

This is James from Conexant.   We are actually in the process of designing a 
High-Speed USB Audio device.  I just saw this thread by chance so I'm a little 
late to the game here.   I noticed you mentioned USB 2.0, but the list took 
this discussion into "High Speed" vs "Full Speed".

When you say add USB Audio 2.0 support in Windows - is this adding support for 
the extended feature set in the USB Spec?   or does this also include 
supporting devices that are "High Speed" vs "Full Speed"?

In any case, our device will certainly be running high-speed, and may also 
include additional controls available/described in the USB 2.0 spec that aren't 
in the USB1.0 spec


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There are occasional questions on this list about USB Audio 2.0 support in 
Windows. We (the Windows sound team) are curious to hear specific reasons- 
scenarios, business, features, etc.- that would be enabled if USB Audio 2.0 
support was included in Windows.

Are any of you willing to share this? The more specific you can be, the better. 
If you do not want to share with the entire list then feel free to send a 
message to me directly.

Frank Yerrace

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