[wdmaudiodev] Re: WaveFormatExtensible - problems about the number of channels

  • From: "Ionut Mihai Voiculet" <netvim@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 02:07:21 +0300

Hi !

Well, that didn't help me at all. For example, I have a computer with a Midiman Delta 1010 LT.

The DirectKS reports that I have 1 (ONE) device:
- Midiman Delta 1010LT - 12 in / 10 out

The point is that I want to use the DirectSound, NOT the DirectKS.
So, DirectSound does NOT report 1 device, but 6:
- M Audio Delta 1010LT Multichannel (which has 12 outputs)
- M Audio Delta 1010LT 1/2 (2 outputs, just a simple stereo DS device)
- M Audio Delta 1010LT 3/4 (2 outs)
- M Audio Delta 1010LT 5/6 (2 outs)
- M Audio Delta 1010LT 7/8 (2 outs)
- M Audio Delta 1010LT S/PDIF (2 outs)

So, I will need somehow, to get the number of input/output channels for EACH of this DirectSound devices. The DirectKS, sees all the above as a SINGLE device (which from the physical point of view is correct)

So, please anybody if you can help me with this ...


Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2003 22:55:16 +0200
From: Waldemar Haszlakiewicz <waldemar.haszlakiewicz@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: [wdmaudiodev] Re: WaveFormatExtensible - problems about the number of

Check the old board messages->there is an example for directks. Maybe
it includes something about that too.

Look for directks.exe.


IMV> Hi !

IMV> I'm new to this group, so please be patient with me. First of all, I don't
IMV> do driver development, but I write the audio I/O for a professional
IMV> multitrack software. We currently support MME, DirectSound and ASIO. We want
IMV> to support the WDM style multichannel soundcards (that don't have an ASIO
IMV> driver). To do so, we use the WaveFormatExtensible structure in DirectSound.
IMV> I've managed (very simple) to output to several channels using the WAVE_EX,
IMV> but I have a __MAJOR__ problem. I don't know how to get the real number of
IMV> channels the soundcard has. I found no information everywhere about this
IMV> (I've checked on the Internet, PortAudio and other forums, the DirectX 9
IMV> SDK, etc). The only idea I've got, was to query the MME driver for the
IMV> number of channels using the "waveOutGetDevCaps". However, for ALL
IMV> soundcards that I've tested it (SoundBlaster Audigy, Midiman, onboard ones,
IMV> etc), the "lpCaps.wChannels" always reports 65536 (0xFFFF) or 2 channels.

IMV> Because I don't know how to get the actual number of the channel the device
IMV> has, I just can't use the WAVE_EX struct.

IMV> So PLEASE, if anybody has any idea about this, please reply. I do believe
IMV> that this is the only place on the Internet where I can get the answer for
IMV> this.

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