[wdmaudiodev] WaveFormatExtensible - problems about the number of channels

  • From: "Ionut Mihai Voiculet" <netvim@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: wdmaudiodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2003 18:37:11 +0300

Hi !

I'm new to this group, so please be patient with me. First of all, I don't do driver development, but I write the audio I/O for a professional multitrack software. We currently support MME, DirectSound and ASIO. We want to support the WDM style multichannel soundcards (that don't have an ASIO driver). To do so, we use the WaveFormatExtensible structure in DirectSound. I've managed (very simple) to output to several channels using the WAVE_EX, but I have a __MAJOR__ problem. I don't know how to get the real number of channels the soundcard has. I found no information everywhere about this (I've checked on the Internet, PortAudio and other forums, the DirectX 9 SDK, etc). The only idea I've got, was to query the MME driver for the number of channels using the "waveOutGetDevCaps". However, for ALL soundcards that I've tested it (SoundBlaster Audigy, Midiman, onboard ones, etc), the "lpCaps.wChannels" always reports 65536 (0xFFFF) or 2 channels.

Because I don't know how to get the actual number of the channel the device has, I just can't use the WAVE_EX struct.

So PLEASE, if anybody has any idea about this, please reply. I do believe that this is the only place on the Internet where I can get the answer for this.

VIM netvim@xxxxxxxxxxx

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