[wdmaudiodev] Wav file format tags--updates??

  • From: "Dean, James" <James.Dean@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 16:01:24 -0400

The most recent update to the multimedia standards from MS 
is version 3.0 released in April 1994, and lists definitions 
for roughly 40 types of wave audio data. (refer to riffnew.doc 
in file mdrk.exe KB120253)

The most recent version of mmreg.h I can find is version 1.57 
and it lists more than 120 format types, HOWEVER, my installation 
of win2k doesn't recognize many of them--even format tags that 
windows 98 knows about! (BTW-the properties handler media information 
summary [under file properties] in win2k is crappy-not nearly as 
useful as the service under win98--the preview is missing too). 

Are there any documentation for the remaining types defined since 
early 1994?  I need the data formats "byte-by-byte" for a number
of new the wave_format types that look promising for new audio
codecs. These are *supposed* to be supplied to Microsoft as part
of the registration process (which doesn't seem to be available

Recently, I've also seen even more new format tags listed in the 
file "Registered FOURCC Codes and WAVE Formats" in the 2003 SDK 
documentation, but it is still missing more formats such as the 
ogg-vorbis and gsm series listed elsewhere and existing in the 'wild'.

Does Microsoft register these codecs anymore? There is no response 
from mmreg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx to any questions.

James Dean
National Research Council
Ottawa, ON

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