[wdmaudiodev] Vista sAPO GFX -- configuring for encoded formats

  • From: "William R. Huttel" <whuttel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: wdmaudiodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2007 17:35:19 -0600


I need some help on getting encoded formats (such as AC3) supported by a Vista GFX. From the guidelines in sysfx.doc, I have removed CBaseAudioProecessingObject as a base from my GFX class, and instead added the 3 required interfaces, and implemented my own versions of their methods. Under "Data Formats" (in sysfx.doc) it says that a GFX may support "encoded" formats, though it must support float32 PCM on the audio engine-facing side of the GFX. Regarding "IsInputFormatSupported", the doc says that the GFX should return a float format that has the sample rate and speaker configuration of the "decoded" format (I'm presuming from context that this is returned on the IsInputFormatSupported() call and not the IsOutput...).

No matter what I try I'm unable to get an IsOutputFormatSupported call which has anything other than a float32 PCM data format. I can suggest, AC3, PCM, etc. to no avail. I have modified the swap example INF to install a postmix effect (GFX) on the SPDIF device, and add a custom UI; the installation appears successful. I have noticed that the "configure" button (which allows setting the speaker configuration) is inactive for the device -- are there presumed speaker configurations for SPDIF? is this expected behaviour ("configure" is not allowed on the SPDIF device, unlike "Speakers" and "Headphones")?

In the swap example, the GFX exposes the interface: "IAudioSystemEffectsCustomFormats". I've tried exposing this from my GFX, but the routines it adds are never called. (There is an AC3 format in it, so this looked promising.)

Are there any further sources which would help me in adding an encoded format as output for a GFX?

While I'm here, though somewhat unrelated, I've noticed a couple of things in the samples that might be typos, perhaps others have encountered these and can comment:

spkrfill example (obtained from sysfxreuse.exe): SpkrFillAPO.cpp, line 512:

        if (inFormat.fFramesPerSecond != inFormat.fFramesPerSecond)
                MyLog( "fps mismatch");
                inFormat.fFramesPerSEcond = inFormat.fFramesPerSecond;
                hrInput = S_FALSE;

Is this meant to be a comparison and set to the output  if not a match?

From sysfx.inf (in the 6000 DDK audio samples), line 82:


should this be [HdAudio.SysFx.PrimaryLineOutTopo.AddReg] to be referenced by the preceding stanza?



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