[wdmaudiodev] Vista and speaker/channel config for owned audio driver

  • From: "Philip Lukidis" <plukidis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <wdmaudiodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 17:04:15 -0500


Concerning Vista and our own audio drivers, is there a way for our CPL to set 
the channel configuration of our audio device, in such a way that the system is 
aware of it?  I have implemented GET/SET for the 
KSPROPERTY_AUDIO_CHANNEL_CONFIG property, and after our CPL sets the channel 
config from usermode, the system does a "get" on it, with the new value being 
returned.  However, the speaker configuration in the Windows audio CPL is 
unchanged, even after a disabling/enabling of our audio device in the device 
manager, despite the fact that the driver returns the new channel configuration 
on startup.

This disabling/enabling test in the device manager pretty much rules out 
dynamic audio subdevices, unless I'm missing something.  So then, the question 
is, how to set the speaker configuration in OUR audio device (and not those of 
third parties), such that the system is aware of it, and it is reflected in the 
Windows audio CPL?


Philip Lukidis

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