[wdmaudiodev] Vista: Input Volume x4 gain on microphone

  • From: Keith Larson <klarsondsp@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: wdmaudiodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 12:36:16 -0400

Hi All

This is the first time visiting this wdmaudiodev, and I have three questions. Being a newbie, let me begin with a kind 'Hello'.

I am here because I am working with a measurement device and the new Vista audio interface is, well, variable. After a lot of mucking around, I am closing on a solution that will lock the input and output levels. This is a kludge, but at least it works. There are however remaining snags.

USB Audio Codec -> Classified as microphone ->  gain of x4 (+12db) applied
The device I am using is a fairly simple 2 channel in, 2 channel out ADC/DAC. I can deal with the OS classifying the input as a 'microphone', but more importantly it seems that the default action is to multiply the raw input stream by 4 (+12db gain). I can clearly see this when I set the application and master volume to 100%. The input is exactly 4x the expected value. Low signal level values are wrong, and if the signal is large, the data is clipped.

If I set the master volume to 25% and application to 100%, things are ok (but maybe not if reversed), but this also means I need to lock the gain values. The issue now whether or not the x4 microphone gain ever changes in the future. It would be *far* better if I did not have to deal with the variable gain.

DSP processing routines
This time it is the output side. The DSP routines modify the outputs. Again, this is NOT desirable for a measurement system.

Enumerating End Point and Wave Devices
My code uses the 'Wavexxx' interface and as such I can get a handle, or an enumerated value. I can also get an enumerated listing of the 'end point' audio devices. As expected, these enumerations do not match (an endpoint can have multiple WAVE connections), so a direct matching is out. Luckily(?) the identifying strings, eg "USB Audio Codec' *SEEM* to match. That is, I am looking for something a bit more definitive.

Would there be a way to effectively achieve this for (both input and output) in some future release of Vista?

[X] Lock master volume at 100% *and* bypass DSP processing
      (This endpoint is for a measurement device)

Best regards,

PS: My code is and needs to be compatible with all Windows platforms.


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