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  • Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2019 18:05:48 -0800

Nick Bauer wrote:

Thank you for the response.  The SYSVAD example from MS is definitely something i've spent several hours mucking around with already.  The biggest issue i am facing right now is the inability to compile it for x64.  Please see this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54393271/linker-error-when-compiling-windows-kernel-mode-driver-x64 .. I might just need to reinstall everything and get a clean config setup.  Note: when i remove all of the calls to RtlStringCbPrintfW, it will compile, but i haven't figured out yet how to replace that call to get around whatever linker issue i am having. Ideally, i could resolve the linker issue.

What version of Visual Studio and the WDK are you using?  The two of them have to be appropriately paired.  You can't use the very latest WDK with an older Visual Studio; the holes don't line up.

Any advice on how I might proceed is greatly appreciated.

Well, as you dig in, you'll see that the rubber meets the road in CMiniportWaveRTStream::ReadBytes and CMiniportWaveRTStream::WriteBytes.  Those are the routines that do the actual data transfer, and it's kind of a shame that it takes 54,000 lines of essentially boilerplate code to support those two functions.

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