[wdmaudiodev] Unexpected default sound device on Windows 10

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I have a virtual audio device driver based on MSVAD Simple. It works pretty well, but I start experiencing the problem on Windows 10. I don't know if this was the issue before the Anniversary Update as all of my Windows 10 machines got updated already, but it is definitely works another way in Windows 7.

The purpose of the VAD is to record audio from own software. Our software uses a 3rd party component that outputs audio, that needs to be recorded. The only control we have over this component is the ability to specify which audio device to output audio to. So my VAD is never purposed to be a default sound device, it is purposed to work with our software only.

Basically things work fine, but recently we encountered an unexpected behavior. If a user accidentally sets our VAD as the default sound device then Windows 10 remembers this. If a user later changes the default sound device to a real sound card then things work good until VAD is re-installed. If the VAD is reinstalled then Windows recalls that some day this device was set as a default and sets it to be default automatically. OS reboot after uninstallation of VAD doesn't help. This is TRUE if and only if VAD was set as a default device at least once.
This is a real problem because all audio on a computer disappears for a user.

I thought that Microsoft's policy was to never set the default sound device automatically, only by the explicit user actions. It is true for Windows 7, but it's not for Windows 10.
As soon as the policy changed, then probably there are new INF sections or some API that could prohibit setting of my VAD as a default device? Does anyone here know any information about it?


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