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  • Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2006 18:17:38 +0100

the fact is that i need a less than 10 ms latency... 
Is it possible with Directshow?
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  Nugen wrote: 

    I would like to use DirectKS to access directly the usbaudio.sys
    to capture audio from an external usb device.
    I read about DirectKS, AVStream and audio.sys articles, but i can't find
    a way to understand really how to start my application...
    Does anyone can give me a link or any help to understand at a higher level 
    are the differents steps and call i have to do to find my device, and 
communicate with it in that way?

  If you are really just starting out, then forget about DirectKS and just 
write a standard waveIn or DirectShow application to get your data.  After you 
get that working, you can decide whether the performance is adequate or not.

  There seems to be a common but mistaken impression that DirectKS is somehow 
vastly superior to the standard multimedia APIs, just like there is a mistaken 
impression that code runs faster in kernel mode than in user mode.  Neither 
statement is true.

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