[wdmaudiodev] Re: USB - passing proprietary information using Windows 7 provided drivers

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See if you can find a copy of "USB Design By Example" by John Hyde.

It's a bit old but still valid I think for using driver-free HID methods to communicate arbitrary information with your custom HID device. I used it for the first ever USB device I made, and successfully transferred low data rate information between the PC and the device. It was enough to allow me eventually to download new firmware to implement a custom device once I had worked out how to write a proper driver.

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You could create a custom HID input report.

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Bartosik Lukasz-ALB045 wrote:

We are developing USB device which implements two USB classes Audio and Hid.
We won't write our own drivers instead we will use drivers provided by Windows 7.

Is there a way to pass proprietary information (like error/log messages) from a device to Windows
using standard Windows 7 drivers and API ?

If you are using the standard drivers, then all you have are the mechanisms in the USB standard, and operating system log messages are not part of the standard.

If this is absolutely critical to you, you can always insert a filter driver to communicate with the device using vendor control pipe messages. Of course, now you have to ship an INF file and worry about signing, which sort of defeats the purpose of using the standard drivers to begin with.

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