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  • Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 17:06:18 -0800

 At 11:48 AM 3/10/2003, DJ Sisolak wrote:

Hello Brian,

The strings in the descriptor are taken into account after the device =
has been enumerated into the system. Therein lays the problem. Before =
the descriptors can be read, the device has to be discovered. Therefore =
the name in the INF is used in device manager, but the descriptor =
strings ARE used in the control panel apps since they can be read once =
the device is started by the driver.

Essentially this means that the Device Manager depends on the (static) INF
file to provide the device names, correct?

I wish there was a way for the Device Manager to obtain the device names
directly from the driver rather than rely solely on the INF files.

I mean bus drivers do provide names that appear in the new hardware found
wizard (in response to (IRP_MN_QUERY_DEVICE_TEXT?).

But then, there are times (say on a PCI bus) when bus drivers have no way of
telling the actual device name!

I guess there is no simple solution.


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