[wdmaudiodev] Re: System volume slider sends only 0/1 channel volume/mute requests

  • From: Eugene Muzychenko <eugene@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Matthew van Eerde <wdmaudiodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 29 May 2014 10:46:52 +0700

Hello Matthew,

> If you go to the Levels tab in the Sound control panel and click
> Balance, how many sub-sliders do you see?

As I wrote in the first message, the Levels tab contains two sliders:
"Line" and "Main volume". Both of them have the Balance button; the
button for the "Line" slider always opens just two subsliders while
the button for the "Main volume" slider opens the appropriate number
of subsliders (6 or 8).

The "Line" slider affects Volume node in my TOPOLOGY filter and the
"Main volume" one affects first Volume node in my WAVE filter. My wave
filter exposes two Volume nodes, SRC, Supermix and Sum nodes for XP
DirectSound hardware-acceleration compatibility.

If I stop exposing these nodes in my wave filter, exposing only DAC as
most drivers do, I see only the first "Line" slider with two
subsliders, affecting my topology Volume node.

> Windows assumes the number of channels in the endpoint volume
> control is static for a given endpoint and will never change for the
> life of the endpoint, regardless of what the device format is.

My driver allows to change minimal and maximal number of channels
dynamically and number of wave filter related subsliders in the the
second Balance button changes in accordance. But the Balance button
associated with topology filter always opens two sliders even if my
driver reports multichannel support immediately after restarting.

gaudit, kstoptest and wavetest report no problems except some known
usual errors already discussed here (not related to number of

My notebook has Realtek ALC892 HD Audio adapter and Realtek HD driver (running under Win7 SP1 x64 too). If I connect 5.1
speakers and congigure the adapter for 5.1, KS Studio still shows
channels 0/1 for all volume/mute nodes. The Levels tab for Speakers
endpoint shows "Realtek HD Audio Output" slider on the top and
individual sliders in the bottom. The Balance button always opens two
subsliders but they also affect signal volume in rear/center/subwoofer
channels; each subslider affects both center and subwoofer volume. So
I'm afraid the driver itself translates 0/1 channel requests to other

Should my topology filter translate 0/1 channel requests to other
channels, or there is a way to have the appropriate number of
subsliders/channel requests?



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