[wdmaudiodev] Re: Return value for IMiniportWaveRTStream::AllocateAudioBuffer method

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Hmm… it appears MSDN is incorrect.



Both of these claim it is OK to return a smaller buffer than requested. That is 
not correct.

The rule is you have to allocate a buffer that is at least as big as requested.

It is fine to allocate a bigger buffer and return success.

But if you can only allocate a smaller buffer, Windows won’t use it.

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IMiniportWaveRTStream::AllocateAudioBuffer method


In case we can't allocate the requested buffer size in AllocateAudioBuffer 
method as per the call description we are allocating smaller buffer and 
returning it in requested size. However we are not getting next calls for 
stream as expected.

Currently on allocating smaller buffer we are returning STATUS_SUCCESS from 
AllocateAudioBuffer. Do we need to return some other value if the allocated 
size is smaller than requested size?


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