[wdmaudiodev] Re: Replace WaveRT stream data?

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  • Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2007 08:39:30 -0800

Your Acer laptop carries decent amount of Bluetooth software which
allows you to connect to the headset and do the voice calls.  One part
of it is an audio driver which introduces a new audio device in the
system when headset is connected.  Another part is responsible for
configuring Skype to talk over this audio device.  It works a bit
similar to when you plug a USB headset into your computer.  In case of
voice PSM stream is passed to and from the Bluetooth device, and
Bluetooth device performs encoding/decoding and over the air
Victor Zhodzishsky
Chief Architect, Bluetooth Software
Broadcom Corporation


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2007/12/12, Muromachi, Yuka <wdmaudio@xxxxxxxxx>: 

        I bought a notebook of Acer Aspire. This notebook contain a
miraculous function, which is turn the blue-tooth Audio Device (which is
a headphone set)  to the on-board audio codec device.

Sorry. The details should be: 

The default device is on-board codec. The skype open default device
microphone as input, and open the default device headphone as output.
The microphone stream of blue-tooth device will turn to default device
input stream and the default output stream will turn to blue-tooth
device output. 

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