[wdmaudiodev] Re: Replace WaveRT stream data?

  • From: "Muromachi, Yuka" <wdmaudio@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: wdmaudiodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2007 00:02:20 +0800

I bought a notebook of Acer Aspire. This notebook contain a miraculous
function, which is turn the blue-tooth Audio Device (which is a headphone
set)  to the on-board audio codec device.

I want to use this function on the another computer, and I'm trying to
research how to do this function now. I had tried to disassemble the
program, which provide by Acer, but the Acer's program do not thing. That
program only sends out audio switch request by WM_COPYDATA message, and to
the codec provide supplier program.

This program (which provide by codec vendor)  use DirectSound APIs record
from my blue-tooth audio device, and sends PCM data to audio codec driver.

After disassemble that program, I have discovered some matters.

That audio driver looks like allow user reproduce or replace stream data,
and there is a DSP engine in it. That DSP engine looks like implement by
Intel Integrated Performance Primitives library 4.1.

But by the WaveRT document, It tells us it is impossible to contact with the
WaveRT data.
This makes me feel interrogative.

My job is not an audio application or device driver developer, and I just
want built a program to do same thing on my desktop.
I'm trying to learn Windows DDK now, but the DDK is difficult to me.

More one question: What is "user-mode audio graph"?

2007/12/11, Tim Roberts <timr@xxxxxxxxx>:
> WDM Audio wrote:
> > Is it possible to replace input stream data under WaveRT?
> >
> > For example:
> >
> > There is an onboard codec, and I record from other sound input device
> > (e.g. USB Audio), then put USB audio data to onboard codec stream.
> > At latest, the recorder program will receive data which come from USB
> > audio device.
> How do you expect to get the USB data to the onboard codec, electrically
> speaking?
> If this is a WaveRT codec that acts like filter, where it accepts
> unencoded data and returns the encoded data, then you can do this with a
> normal  user-mode audio graph.  Connect the USB audio input source to
> the codec's input stream, and read the result from the codec's output
> stream.
> However, if the codec is just an internal part of an audio input device,
> then there is no way for you to feed data to the codec.  The on board
> paths are wires that you cannot tap into.
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