[wdmaudiodev] Register different APOs in inf for endpoints with the same KSNODETYPE

  • From: Yan Yan <yanyan9@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <wdmaudiodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 17:10:51 +0800

Hi All,




I have a USB audio device that exposes a line-in terminal and line-out 
terminal. This will end up as a filter with a line-in endpoint and a line-out 
endpoint on MS USB audio driver. I need to register different APOs and some 
other information to the line-in and line-out endpoint. 


I did some experiment in both Vista and Win 7, it seems that the only place 
that I can make my FX\\ and EP\\ information go into the property store is to 
put the infomation in the following place in the inf:


AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_AUDIO%,%KSNAME_DeviceA%,  DeviceA.RegisterAPO 


However, since there is only 1 KSNODETYPE: KSNODETYPE_LINE_CONNECTOR for both 
line-in and line-out, there is no way to separate the APO information for both 
endpoints in this case.


If I try to register APO while the render and capture interfaces are getting 
register :


AddInterface=%KSCATEGORY_RENDER%,%KSNAME_DeviceA%,     DeviceA.RegisterAPORender


The FX\\ and EP\\ information in my inf will never go into the OS. In Vista, 
the whole "FxProperty" key is not shown in registry. In Win7, it shows MS APO 
information in FxProperty key.


Anyone knows how to do this in inf? 


Any help wil be greatly appreciated.



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