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Hello Tim,


I have to disagree. 


Lack of standards compliance from Microsoft is a barrier for vendors and
dissuades consumers from purchasing 'unsupported' hardware. Build it and
they will come.


WASAPI has enabled us to push this project forward. I'm not convinced anyone
could have made a business case for its provision. But eventually it
arrived, and was quickly supported by all the major DAW's. Surely a much,
much tougher nut to crack than a relatively mundane driver . 


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Timothy Knudtson wrote:

To four decimal places, Audio Class 1.0 satisfies 100% of the Windows users
in the world.


Where does this number come from? 

The problem is sheer volume.  There are a billion Windows machines in the
world.  How many really need to use USB Audio 2 devices right now?  Maybe
1,000?  Maybe 10,000?  999,990,000 out of a billion is 100%, to four
significant digits.

That's the problem Microsoft faces.  They need to make sure all of the
corporate secretaries in the world can listen to Michael Bolton through
iTunes.   16-channel 192 kHz audio is cool, but there just isn't widespread
business demand for it yet.

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