[wdmaudiodev] RTP-MIDI vs P1639

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 > >  If by "just for fun" you mean you won't be distributing any
 > >  products using the MIDI Mfrs ID, then you don't need to apply
 > >  for an ID, you can use the non-commercial ID (7D).
 > This software will be made publicly available - though for free...
 Hmm, yes, well that is a problem I suppose. A unique Mfr ID is
 intended to make sure that your software does not conflict with
 other products in your customer's studio. But if you do not want
 to pay for that, then I don't know what to suggest.
 > What do you see unclear with the P1639 protocol in regards to
 > requirements of the MMA?
 Our Transport Layer Working Group (TLWG) was formed to review and
 make recommendations on implementations of MIDI on transports other
 than 5-Pin DIN. The reason for this is that there are a significant
 number of manufacturers of MIDI gear that are concerned with some
 of the design choices being made by other groups that set the
 standards for those transports... most of whom know little to
 nothing about MIDI. The TLWG has specific ideas about the quality
 of service that is needed for professional applications of MIDI,
 and the correct handling of MIDI messages, etc. I do not know the
 specifics, and they have not made a public report, so I can't
 tell you much more than that.
 What I can tell you is that the TLWG engaged in numerous discussions
 with John Lazarro about RTP-MIDI which produced what they feel are
 significant improvements. They also have confidence that the ITEF
 development process has provided ample opportunity for expert review.
 The TLWG believes that RTP-MIDI is a viable solution that will have
 commercial support.
 Conversely, communication with Phil Kerr about P1639 has not been
 nearly as productive. We have seen at most perhaps a dozen email
 messages in the past year from Phil or anyone else claiming to be
 part of the IEEE-P1639 Working Group.
 While it is possible that P1639 will eventually evolve into a
 robust and viable solution, we feel RTP-MIDI is already there.
 - Tom White, MMA

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