[wdmaudiodev] Problem with Friendly Names in Audio Driver

  • From: Jamie Finch <jfi@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: wdmaudiodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2021 10:48:47 -0800

We have a video and audio software only drivers we use to send data from our main application to Skype, Teams, VLC, Zoom, Google Hangout.... ect.

We have channels set up so that the source from our application can be different.
Presently the channels can be from 0 to 3.  Set by a data item when you send the IOCTL.

The video driver has a FriendlyName section that works as expected.
In the applicatons the selection for the video will be Video #1 to Video #4, the FriendlyNames.

The desired affect in the application popups for the microphone is:
Audio #1, Audio #2, Audio #3, Audio #4.

This article indicates we can do the same thing for the audio.
What we see instead of the FriendlyNames, is the device name.

When we call InstallSubdevice() we are using sting constants, so we cannot be tripping the bug that it only remembers the address, reported on your forums.
static wchar_t* szNameWave[4]     = { L"Wave_0", L"Wave_1",     L"Wave_2",     L"Wave_3"     };
static wchar_t* szNameTopology[4] = { L"Topology_0", L"Topology_1", L"Topology_2", L"Topology_3" };

We have as expected, interface sections in the INF file that look like:



I have been looking at the DDK audio samples and they have FriendlyNames, but the device name seems to show up instead of them.
In the DDK SimpleAudioSample, it has a FriendlyName of "Simple Audio Sample Wave Microphone Array - Front",
but what I see in the Zoom popup is "Virutal Audio Device (WDM) - Simple Audio Sample".

Can you point me to an audio example, where the FriendlyName is used when selecting the device?
Also is there another method that I can accomplish the same thing?
It appears I am missing something.


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