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Sorry, for the delay in the response.


What I meant was.I mananged to get audio to play/record.but, for various
reasons some of the WHQL tests would not pass.


It is for this reason, I switched to WavePCI. After that, the WHQL tests


I would be happy to provide you source code, but I just don't have it now.


Again, I suggest you use WavePCI instead.it is a lot easier to understand
and you have more control over the data movement in the driver.



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Thanks for your reply.


In fact, I have tried to write the driver by using WavePCI, but the IC
manufacturer suggested us to use WaveCyclic instead of WavePCI. I am very
happy to hear you getting WaveCyclic works. If it's possiblem, can you just
let me know the setting of Master Channel? or just please give us only the
part of DMA channel source code for reference? This is really thanks.




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I struggled for a long time with WaveCyclic model. I finally got it work,
but I can tell you this.even if you get it to work, you will have other


You should not use WaveCyclic. Use WavePCI instead. (Don't let the "pci"
bother you.you can use it for any kind of driver).


You will be a lot happier. 



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I am writing an window audio driver by Microsoft 
Window Driver Development Kit(DDK) for window XP. 
I have followed the archecture of the driver sample
code provided under the folder SB16 which are using
WaveCyclic Interface and Slave Channel method to build
the sound card audio driver. 


However, since our chip on the sound card have not 
provide us the default channel, we use the Master Channel
method to create DMA channel and using allocate buffer API
similar as Slave method provided in the sample code.
       ntStatus = 
               &MyDmaChannel,      // OutDmaChannel
               NULL,             // OuterUnknown (opt)
               NULL,             // ResourceList (opt)
               MAXLEN_DMA_BUFFER,    //Maximum Length            
               TRUE,             // Dma32BitAddresses
               FALSE,            // Dma64BitAddresses
               Width32Bits,      // DmaWidth
             );               // DmaPort
        if (NT_SUCCESS(ntStatus))
            ULONG  lDMABufferLength = MAXLEN_DMA_BUFFER;
            do {
              ntStatus =
              lDMABufferLength >>= 1;
              _DbgPrintF(DEBUGLVL_TERSE, ("lDMABufferLength = 0x%x",
            } while (!NT_SUCCESS(ntStatus) && (lDMABufferLength > (PAGE_SIZE
/ 2)));


        if (NT_SUCCESS(ntStatus))



However no matter how we tried, we cannot get the audio sound out.
We have seen in the debugger that all the register of our chip is now
controllable and the
address of the allocate addressed is sured can written to our audio chip.
We have seen the sequence in the window such as:


can be runned under the testing on debugger. 
I have seen from the MSDN help menu that for master channel, user need to
use the API "copyto", "copyfrom" to copy data from and to the audio buffer.
It seems that it is not necessary in the slave channel method. Is it really
necessary in the master channel method?
And how can I know the address of where the data come from when Window Media

wave file? I have no method to fill in the parameter of the "copyto",
"copyfrom" API to use them.

Or anyone can post the reference code for masterchannel  of Driver?


Thans you very much



Best Regards,


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