[wdmaudiodev] Re: Obtaining unique identifier of Filter from its DispatchRoutines

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  • Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2009 13:24:00 +1100

Hi Swapnil,

You can use the FileObject on the IrpStack to identify which subdevice it's referring to. The field pIrpStack->FileObject->FileName will contain the name of your subdevice (eg. WAVE1).


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Subject: [wdmaudiodev] Obtaining unique identifier of Filter from its DispatchRoutines

Hi All,
I have created multiple instances of my Filter Centric AVStream driver by using a call KsCreateFilterFactory (), in which I give RefString name which matches with "wave name" in INF, and FilterDescriptor table, which contains functions pointers related with Filter. Currently I am using DispatchCreate and DispatchProcess.

What I want is, whenever any of Dispatch Routine related to that filter is called, I want to know, which filter is responsible or associated with this call.

Lets say I have 2 filters name VAD1,VAD2 with wave name WAVE1,WAVE2. I want to get either of these identifier from its DispatchRoutines to identify the filter correctly.

Thanks and Regards,

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