[wdmaudiodev] Re: New APO sample code???

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I should clarify... I downloaded the "SDK for RC1 of Windows Vista". Not sure if this is the same as the WDK. I didn't see an updated version of the WDK - just this one.


Michael R. Preston wrote:

Click on the one that says "new". It says there are now 3 sets of sample code - swap, compress, and speaker fill. The WDK had only two parts - Win32 and .NET, so I downloaded the Win32 parts, but I didn't see any APO sample code in there. I didn't think it would be in the .NET stuff.


Leonard Shoell wrote:

The sample code ships in the WDK (src/audio/sysfx). The new version is only
marginally different that a previous version I was using.

Where did you find the new Vista_SysFX document?


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Is anyone else out there doing APO development for Vista? I just got the new Vista_SysFX document from the MSDN website, and it talks about some new APO sample code. Does anyone know where you can download this? I can't find it at any of the links provided in the document.


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