[wdmaudiodev] Re: Need USB Audio device to not be the default speaker at plug-in

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Tim, you got me on this one ☺

Let’s change the scenario to a USB phone. We only want the speaker in the phone 
sound when a phone call is coming in or you are actively engaged in a phone 
Meanwhile the regular PC speakers play back the usual dings and dongs and 
perhaps a little Mozart?

-Chris Perry

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Perry, Chris wrote:

Suppose I am developing a USB based toy gun that comes bundled with a game. 
When the user plugs in
the USB gun, the ultimate user experience would be for the game application to 
launch and only render
gun sounds sent from the game application. Ideally I don’t want the USB device 
to show up as a device
that a user can select for as a generic speaker using the control panel applet.

Why not?  I mean, what's the worst case scenario?  Some 14-year-old would think 
it was cool to have music playing out of his gun, and then he unplugs it and 
goes back to his normal audio device.

I just don't see why this is a situation that is worth worrying about.  You 
wouldn't MAKE yourself the preferred device, but if some user wants to do so, 
he gets what he deserves.



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