[wdmaudiodev] Naming audio devices dynamically in Vista

  • From: Eugene Gavrilov <egavrilov@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: wdmaudiodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2007 03:57:04 +0400


I'm currently porting our existing set of AVStream/PortClass audio drivers to
Windows  Vista  and  would  like to know what is the preferred way to
specify 'friendly' names dynamically on driver start-up.

I found some registry-related hints (based on custom .INF files with
EP\0  etc.),  but  this  approach  won't 100% fit my needs. I specify
KSNODETYPE_LINE_CONNECTOR  for  the bridge pin category to avoid using
built-in  names  like  'Speakers'  or  'Headphones'  (This  used to be
KSCATEGORY_AUDIO  in  Windows  XP but it does no longer work in Vista-
the OS marks  such devices 'disabled'). LINE_CONNECTOR will ensure pin
name  is used for device name, however, the driver acquires the number
of  pins and their audio  formats  from  the  firmware,  that's  why I
need to be able to generate  pin  name  on  the  fly. Generating a new
GUID  and  new  Media Category  on  each  driver  start-up  is  a  bad
idea...  (Also,  I read somewhere these categories might be cached and
the changes won't work until reboot) Is there a documented way for accessing
PKEY_Device_FriendlyName outside of the  .inf file, but still in
kernel-level? And will this solve the problem?


 Eugene Gavrilov
 Senior Software Engineer,
 CEntrance, Inc.


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