[wdmaudiodev] My God!! Pause -> Start -> Pause -> Start -> Pause -> ......

  • From: barry.gu@xxxxxxx
  • To: wdmaudiodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2007 22:14:11 +0800 (CST)

Hi Hueng Pei,

I searched the mailing list and luckily found that you have asked the question 
which is a similar problem I encounter now. May I know how did you solve the 
audio start & pause problem?

I'd like to describe my problem here again:
I have a webcam with a build-in microphone which is a USB Audio Class compliant 
device. The microphone supports 16KHz, 16Bit, Mono audio format only, this is a 
hardware limitation. The microphone works well with Microsoft driver, after 
loaded my upper filter audio driver, the audio device under WDM Streaming 
System Deviecs also works fine, but the one under Audio Capture Sources keeps 
Start and Pause again and again in GraphEdit, NetMeeting & MSN. There is no 
such problem in my own application, I bet it's my own application set to 16KHz, 
16Bit, Mono audio format directly. In GraphEdit, the capture pin of device 
under WDM Streaming System Deviecs show the correct audio format, but the 
capture pin of device under Audio Capture Devices showed lots of audio format 
exclude the correct one, and it showed 44.1KHz, 16Bit, Stereo audio format 
after render capture pin.

I guess it caused by the upper filter driver did not return a correct audio 
format list, but I do not know where to return the audio format to the device 
under Audio Capture Device.

How could I fix it?

Any suggestion would greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

Barry Gu

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