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  • Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 21:08:28 -0000

I have run into exactly the same problem with the AC97 drivers in WinXP SP1.
Did you find a solution ?

Does anyone know what to do when this occurs ?



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> Well, still suffering the same problem I have found out something new:
> It seems that my problem is correlated to the order of the buffers being
> processed
> by the driver:
> If using 8 Buffers to flush the order to write the buffers should be
> 0..7 according to the
> first write-accesses to the driver. And that should be the order of the
> signalled events.
> Whenever using buffers with critical sizes the order in which the
> buffer-writes have been
> completed are kind of arbitrary, e.g. 0 5 3 7 0 2 5 6.
> In case of those buffersizes that function propperly, the order is as
> expected 0..7.
> Thus it seems that the driver somehow writes the buffers to the hardware
> in a wrong order, thus my question:


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