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Thanks Mitch.  It works great!



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You are looking for the "form factor".  The following code should do it


    EndpointFormFactor      formFactor;
    CComPtr<IPropertyStore> spProperties;


    hr = pEndpoint->OpenPropertyStore(STGM_READ, &spProperties);
    if (SUCCEEDED(hr))
        hr = spProperties->GetValue(PKEY_AudioEndpoint_FormFactor, &var);
        if (SUCCEEDED(hr) && (var.vt == VT_UI4))
            formFactor = (EndpointFormFactor)var.ulVal;




EndpointFormFactor is defined in mmdeviceapi.h.


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Subject: [wdmaudiodev] Microphone Type

When I get the default endpoint, I need to know its type, ie Microphone vs
LineIn.  I'm currently querying all the properties, but I don't see anything
that looks dependable.  I can't go off the name, since this has to run in
many languages.


After querying all the properties for both the microphone and LineIn, the
only differences I saw are the name, and one other property (idx 4) that I
don't know what it is.


So the question is:  Given the default capture endpoint, how do I know if
it's for a microphone or Line In? 



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