[wdmaudiodev] Methodology to use TDI client from audio driver

  • From: anshul makkar <anshulmakkar@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: wdmaudiodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 5 Jun 2009 10:30:38 +0530


I have developed virtual audio driver which will transfer the captured audio
to the network using TDI driver. This is the architectural design principle
that I am following.

Also I have a sample TDI driver, with sample client and server application
through which I am able to successfully transfer the data across network.

Now I want to utilize this TDI client driver with my audio driver, so that I
can collect the data from audio data and transfer it on network through TDI
client driver.

But here I am little confused regarding the implementation approach that I
should adopt.

1)      TDI client is a full fledged driver. Should I integrate its code in
my audio driver (Like functions TDI_OpenConnection, TDI_Connect) and make
one driver containing the functionality of both audio and TDI client driver.

2)      Like the approach the sample follows , passing IOCTL from TDI
application to TDI driver for any operation viz connect, send, receive, I
should load the TDI client driver from audio driver and then pass the IRPs
from the audio driver to the TDI client driver containing the required
operation code..

I am confused as to which approach I should follow.

Please give some ideas regarding the feasibility and efficiency of the above
two approaches.


Anshul Makkar

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