[wdmaudiodev] MediaCategories naming support in Vista

  • From: Eugene Muzychenko <emuzychenko@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: wdmaudiodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006 01:26:40 +0600


Where can I find an EXACT information about MediaCategories naming
support in Vista?

I need to create several Wave/Topology subdevices in my filter. I
understand that Vista constructs endpoint device names differently
than 2k/XP but I cannot fully understand Vista's behavior.

First, I cannot get KSPROPERTY_GENERAL_COMPONENTID to work in Vista.
It works perfectly in XP, it is queried in Vista but I can't see any
effect. I see in my logs that my property request handler is invoked,
it fills the KSCOMPONENTID descriptor, IRP is competed successfully by
portcls but there is no place where I could see my custom names. All
MediaCategories GUIDs are set, of course.

Second, I cannot get all of my topology subdevices to produce my
custom names for the endpoints. I have two source bridge pins:
microphone (KSNODETYPE_MICROPHONE) and line
(KSNODETYPE_LINE_CONNECTOR). I specify my custom GUIDs in the Name
fields of the KSPIN_DESCRIPTOR, but I see VERY strange results. After
installation, some endpoints are created using my custom names, but
other still have the "Microphone" and "Line In" prefixes. If I
reinstall the driver, deleting .inf and .pnf files and/or reboot
Vista, I see some names changed, but not all.

I even seen some of my endpoints disappeared at all. Of course, I
didn't change any code except related to the name GUIDs.

Seems like Vista keeps these names in its proprietary storage and
doesn't reload from MediaCategories even the driver is reinstalled.

Is there a WORKING example of the driver that names its endpoint
devices as it wants?

I use Vista RC2 (5744), all automatically downloadable updates are
installed. Maybe I need to upgrade it to more recent version?



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