[wdmaudiodev] MIDI device enumeration

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  • Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 13:07:05 +0100


I modified the 'sb16' example from the Win XP DDK such that it loads and a 
sound device
shows up which is selectable for sound playback in the sound setup in the 
device manager.
Now I want to add Midi (DMUS) support.
To do this I took the 'dmusuart' example from the DDK and modified the 'sb16' 
driver such that it calls this DMUSMiniPort init instead of the build-in 
miniport and
create a DMUS port/miniport combination. This appears to go well (no errors 
reported by XP).

I can hower not see nor select this MIDI port in the sound setup in the device 
manager or
in a sequencer program like Cubase. The .inf file I created with 'geninf' and 
after that I
added the directives needed for miniport instalation as descibed in the DDK 
(and I looked in
the 'sb16' inf file as example).

My question is: How is the midi 'recognized' by XP? Is there a pointer/link 
where I can find
information on this issue? Is this a registry issue or is the 'dmusuart' 
example from the
DDK exposing the wrong pins?


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