[wdmaudiodev] Re: KsLoadResource

  • From: SP <djm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: wdmaudiodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 14:19:12 -0500

It does seem odd, the resource isn't DISCARDABLE.

It is actually the KsLoadResource that faults while looking for the resource, the pointer looks like its about 0x400 away from the imagebase. If I load the resource, then store the resources pointer that pointer won't throw an access violation and seems to work just fine.

Tim Roberts wrote:
SP wrote:

The following works when put inside "DriverEntry"

ntStatus = KsLoadResource(DriverObject->DriverStart,PagedPool,102,RT_RCDATA,&pData,&dataSize);

What is interesting is that the same KsLoadResource will throw an access violation if you store DriverStart and use it later inside a function like NewStream running at PASSIVE_LEVEL.

Really? I'm surprised by that. I could understand it at DISPATCH_LEVEL, because the resource segment is probably marked as pageable.

Is the resource marked as DISCARDABLE?


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