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  • Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2013 12:07:03 +0100

Hi all,

I can confirm this behavior from Neetu with my drivers.
My drivers work like expected under Windows 7 but since Win 8 and 8.1 the don't change the SR if I trigger the SR to change via:
from a Client.

I'm missing also the *KSPROPERTY_TYPE_GET* calls after calling "/*ResetToDefault*/" in my Client.

Also I getting strange calls on the *KSPROPERTY_TYPE_SET* flag with undefined
/**//**/pWfx->Format.nSamplesPerSec /*

Something like 35859 for nChannels or 298799533 for nSamplesPerSec for example.
Snippet Snippet Snippet
Any suggestion why ?

Best Regards,


Am 10.09.2013 11:40, schrieb Nikku B:
Hi Matthew,

On windows 8.1 I am noticing that after raising event on on all pins, I get calls for KSPROPERTY_TYPE_SET on all pins but I do not receive calls for KSPROPERTY_TYPE_GET.

In KSPROPERTY_TYPE_SET, I receive request to set last selected sample rate - driver sends STATUS_NO_MATCH to this. Still I do not see any KSPROPERTY_TYPE_GET calls.

Why is this happening?


On Tue, Sep 3, 2013 at 9:45 PM, Matthew van Eerde <Matthew.van.Eerde@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:Matthew.van.Eerde@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Raise the event for each pin that you want to be requeried.

    For example, suppose that Ch 1/2 Out, Ch 3/4 Out, and Ch 1/2 In
    are all at 44.1 kHz.

    Then the user goes into the Sound control panel and changes Ch 1/2
    Out to 48 kHz.

    You should raise the event on Ch 3/4 Out and Ch 1/2 In. When
    Windows renegotiates the device format on those endpoints, insist
    on a 48 kHz format; decry any support for 48 kHz.

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    I try to add the "Dynamic Format Change Support" which is
    documented in here:
    my miniport driver.
    I was able to register the events to get calls to my
    EventHandlerFormatChange and to my PropertyHandlerPinProposeForma
    function (both taken from the document above).

    and everything seem to be OK.

    There are some things I'm missing or do not understand well:

    For example I have a device which provides Ch 1/2 and Ch 3/4 Out
    and Input 1/2 and I want to keep the sample rate
    settings  synchronised for all of them.
    So I guess I should get a KSPROPERTY_TYPE_GET for each device
    after I changed the sample rate for one of them to synchronise the
    others to the new "default" sample rate.
    Is this correct ?

    The problem is I never get this call. I only get a call to
    KSPROPERTY_TYPE_GET once when I open the device in the Windows CPL.

    There are two parts in the sample code I don't understand and are
    probably related:

    NTSTATUS CMiniportHelper::GenerateFormatChangeEvent()
    which calls:

    where should I instantiate the pPortEvents and where do I call the
    GenerateFormatChangeEvent ?

    The source code(which I didn't write by my self) calls once:

    pPort->QueryInterface (IID_IPortEvents,  (PVOID *)&pPortEvents);

    in my Adapter->StartDevice function. Should I keep this instance ?

    also the "case PCEVENT_VERB_ADD:"  in the
    EventHandlerFormatChange is never called, only  "case
    PCEVENT_VERB_SUPPORT:" is called.

    Any suggestion what I'm doing wrong ?

    Another thing is how can I distinguish which pin is opened in the
    CPL ?

    Any idea ?

    Thanks and Regards,

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